Welcome to the Digital Archive of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera. Explore the archive to learn more about our opera and ballet productions and artists who have performed on our stage.


The Digital Archive currently houses digitalised materials documenting 306 opera and 268 ballet productions staged at the Warsaw Opera and Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera from 1945 to 2015. 

Use the Archive, if you are want to find out:

  • the names of a production's composer, librettist, members of the creative team, and performers, 
  • when it premiered and was subsequently performed, 
  • more about the performers' lives and what they looked like on stage. 

Here you may also browse through:

  • posters, bills, and cast programme inserts, 
  • set, costume, and props designs, 
  • photographs taken during performances, 


  • read reviews to find out the reaction to the premiere, 
  • and commentaries on selected productions.

The posters form a showcase of the famous Polish poster school. Apart from ones advertising premieres, in the Archive you will also find posters of shows featuring guest appearances from prominent artists, galas, jubilees, and anniversaries. 

The cast programme inserts will tell you who performed in the production apart from the opening-night cast. 

The set and costume designs by the best designers and painters of our time are part of the collections of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera and the Theatre Museum. 

The calendar of performances provides dates of a production's all performances and list of cast for each show. 

Visit the History section to get a richly illustrated account of the past of opera and ballet in Warsaw. starting from the 17th century, to the reign of king Stanisław August (1764–1795), the construction of Teatr Wielki and its opening in 1833, the occupation of Poland by Russia, Austria, and Prussia (1772–1918), Poland's regained independence (1918), the building's destruction during World War II, its reconstruction completed in 1965, and its operations ever since. 

A separate webpage charts the process of Tear Wielki's heroic reconstruction from 1951 to 1965, illustrated with original architectural sketches.

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